Maui Surfing and
Stand-Up Paddling Lessons

Go Surfing Maui offers both surfing and stand-up paddling lessons. These are two activities that should not be missed when in Maui - why... most everyone has the urge to try it. You see it often enough in magazines, beer and clothing ads, as well as the surfing "lifestyle". Well, here's a great opportunity to give it a try and see what it's all about.

Surfing and Maui go hand in hand. Maui is blessed with excellent conditions to learn surfing or stand-up paddling. Maui has calm gentle rolling waves, warm waters, gentle shorelines and soothing sunshine! This is all available year round so no matter when you're on Maui, you can learn surfing or stand-up paddling. So, let's grab some boards and get you out there.

We don't have the envisioned surf shack on the beach, and no one here is named the "Big Kahuna", but we do have plenty of Maui wave rider friends all with a goofy foot and some Hawaiian surf school knowledge. Join us here where you can get everything you need and have fun!